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Geology 5
O.M.Karpenko, V.V.Ohar, I.O.Karpenko, I.M.Bezrodna Differentiation of Rudov Beds based on the statistical methods on geological and geophysical data 5
Mining 11
A.O.Ihnatov, Ye.A.Koroviaka, Jan Pinka, V.O.Rastsvietaiev, O.O.Dmytruk Geological and mining-engineering peculiarities of implementation of hydromechanical drilling principles 11
A.V.Kosenko Improvement of sub-level caving mining methods during high-grade iron ore mining 19
D.Zh.Abdeli, H.Daigle, A.S.Yskak, A.S.Dauletov, K.S.Nurbekova Increasing the efficiency of water shut-off in oil wells using sodium silicate 26
Solid State Physics, Mineral Processing 32
V.P.Nadutyi, V.S.Kurilov, O.G.Cholyshkina, V.F.Hankevych Analytical studies on constrained particle settling velocity in a water suspension of fly ash from thermal power plants 32
N.A.Drizhd, Zh.T.Dauletzhanova, N.M.Zamaliyev, A.Zh.Dauletzhanov Influence of technological process parameters on qualitative characteristics of coal thermolysis products 39
L.M.Vasyliev, D.L.Vasyliev, O.Ye.Nazarov, M.G.Malich, V.O.Katan The method for determining the parameters of the diagrams of a truncated-wedge destruction of cylindrical samples of rocks 47
R.M.Strelchuk, S.M.Trokhimchuk Mathematical modeling of the surface roughness of the grinding wheel during straightening 53
R.M.Tatsiy, O.Yu.Pazen, S.Ya.Vovk, D.V.Kharyshyn Direct method of studying heat exchange in multilayered bodies of basic geometric forms with imperfect heat contact 60
L.I.Solonenko, S.I.Repiakh, K.I.Uzlov, I.Mamuzich, T.V.Kimstach, O.P.Bilyi Kinetics of quartz sand and its mixtures drying by microwave radiation 68
Geotechnical and Mining Mechanical Engineering, Machine Building 78
S.V.Pilipenko, V.U.Grigorenko, V.A.Kozechko, O.O.Bohdanov. A deformation mode in a cold rolling condition to provide the necessary texture of the Ti-3Al-2 A deformation mode in a cold rolling condition to provide the necessary texture of the Ti-3Al-2.5V alloy 78
B.V.Vinogradov, D.O.Fedin, V.I.Samusia, D.L.Kolosov Dynamic loads in self-aligning gear transmissions of heavy loaded machines 84
I.Kahoul, S.Yahyaoui, Y.Mehidi, Y.Khadri Shallow tunnel face stability analysis using finite elements 91
N.M.Fidrovska, O.V.Chernyshenko, I.A.Perevoznyk Experimental study on an overhead crane passing a rail track joint 98
Electrical Complexes and Systems 103
V.P.Nerubatskyi, O.A.Plakhtii, D.V.Tugay, D.A.Hordiienko Method for optimization of switching frequency in frequency converters 103
Power Supply Technologies 111
Ya.V.Batsala, I.V.Hlad, I.I.Yaremak, O.I.Kiianiuk Mathematical model for forecasting the process of electric power generation by photoelectric stations 111
A.V.Rusanov, V.V.Solovey, M.M.Zipunnikov Improvement of the membrane-free electrolysis process of hydrogen and oxygen production 117
Environmental Safety, Labour Protection 123
E.M.Hulida, I.V.Pasnak, O.E.Vasylieva, I.O.Movchan Providing the environmental safety by increasing the efficiency of firefighting in unsheltered timber warehouses 123
O.Datsii, N.Datsii, O.Zborovska, L.Ivashova, M.Cherkashyna, K.Ingram Financing of environmental programs for industrial waste management in times of crisis 130
Information Technologies, Systems Analysis and Administration 137
Zh.K.Mendakulov, S.Morosi, A.Martinelli, K.Zh.Isabaev Investigation of the possibility of reducing errors in determining the coordinates of objects indoors by multi-frequency method 137
Economy and Management 145
I.Zelisko, O.Sosnovska, L.Oliinyk, V.Stefkivskyy, I.Manaienko Company business process optimization as an imperative of its economic security 145
N.Kalyuzhna, A.Khodzhaian, I.Baron Identification of globalization threats to the economic sovereignty of countries with transition economies 154
O.Kuklin, R.Pustoviit, N.Azmuk, V.Gunko, N.Moisieieva Institutional and socio-economic factors of the educational trend in Ukraine in the context of European integration 165
B.V.Derevianko, O.V.Rozhenko, T.V.Khailova, V.M.Hrudnytskyi, O.S.Podskrebko Strategic enterprise management based on the modeling of its economic security 171
V.V.Prokhorova, Kh.Ya.Zalutska, Yu.V.Us Formation of motivational mechanism in strategic management of a diversified enterprise 177
V.V.Chumak, O.O.Khan, I.V.Bryhadyr, K.V.Kysylova Protection of the subsoil of the continental shelf of Ukraine by international and national instrumentalities 186
T.Tsygankova, O.Yatsenko, O.Mozgovyy, T.Didukh, L.Patsola Mobilization of innovative and resource factors for development of national outsourcing IT companies 191
Olena Tkachenko, Iryna Kulaga, Larysa Kozlovska, Oleh Shvidanenko, Tetiana Busarieva The impact of knowledge components on the world competitiveness 198
G.Nugymanova, M.Nurgaliyeva, Zh.Zhanbirov, V.Naumov, I.Taran Choosing a servicing company’s strategy while interacting with freight owners at the road transport market 204

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