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Geology 5
A. E. Abetov, D. B. Mukanov Structure and interpretation of the anomalous magnetic field of the South Turgay petroleum region 5
V. S. Savchuk, V. F. Prykhodchenko, D. V. Prykhodchenko, N. V. Khomenko Influence of the geotectonic regime on property formation of coal in the northern edges of the Donetsk basin 12
Zh. Saurykov, S. Istekova, A. Sirazhev, Zh. Aidarbekov Predicted resource assessment of Central Kazakhsta ore districts based on airborne geophysical methods 19
A. Tleubergenova, V. Portnov, O. Karpenko, A. Maussymbayeva, R. Madisheva Prospects for the detection of structures with hydrocarbon deposits along the geotraverse in the Shu-Sarysu sedimentary basin 27
Z. Ablessenova, L. Issayeva, K. Togizov, S. Assubayeva, M. Kurmangazhina Geophysical indicators of rare-metal ore content of Akmai-Katpar ore zone (Central Kazakhstan) 34
Mining 41
D. Zh. Abdeli, Wisup Bae, B. R. Taubayev, A. S. Yskak, A. K. Yesimkhanova Reducing the formation of asphaltene deposits and increasing the flow rates of oil wells 41
I. I. Chudyk, I. F. Dudych, D. A. Sudakova, Yu. D. Voloshyn, V. V. Bogoslavets Influence of drilling mud pulsations on well cleanout efficiency 48
D. Dovhal, I. Matsiuk Geometric modelling of face processing surfaces by planetary executive devices of tunnelling machines 54
O. M. Shahsenko, V. A. Cherednyk, N. V. Khoziaikina, S. M. Hapieiev Evaluation of coal mines’ rock mass gas permeability in the equivalent stress zone 60
L. Ézsiás, S. Fischer Alternative uses for crushed stone products generated to meet the raw material needs of asphalt production in Hungary 66
Geotechnical and Mining Mechanical Engineering, Machine Building 72
S. S. Vasyliv, N. S. Pryadko, S. G. Bondarenko Combustion and detonation of paste fuel of rocket engine 72
A. Golovan, I. Gritsuk, I. Honcharuk Principles of transport means maintenance optimization: equipment cost calculation 77
O. V. Zamytskyi, O. V. Ilchenko, N. O. Holiver, N. V. Bondar Optimization mathematical model of a contact air cooler for a mine turbocompressor 85
Aram Mohammed Raheem Liquefaction of industrial zone against earthquake loading using laboratory and field measurements 92
O. V. Fomin, A. M. Fomina, S. M. Turpak, O. O. Padchenko Creation of conceptual solutions for the manufacture of component freight wagons from composites 102
Environmental Safety, Labour Protection 108
P. V. Bosak, N. H. Lukianchuk, M. M. Nazaruk, V. V. Popovych, V. S. Kucheryavyy Radionuclide content in vegetation and soils in the impact zone of the railway track 108
V. I. Truba, O. O. Bernaziuk, S. S. Yesimov, N. M. Zilnyk, M. I. Tarnavska The legal mechanism for environmental protection in Ukraine 114
N. A. Makarenko, O. Yu. Makarenko, Yu. A. Krasnova, O. V. Nazymko, D. D. Ivanenko Problems of prosecution for crimes against environmental security in the conditions of martial state 122
O. R. Byelyanska, K. S. Krasnikov, V. H. Nakonechnyi Research on an eco-safe filtration plant for wastewater treatment made of natural raw materials 128
Information Technologies, Systems Analysis and Administration 134
H. Dashchenko, N. Klymash, L. Dukhnovska, O. Vialets, G. Blokhina Controlling as an enterprise management tool in the digital economy 134
M. Mazari, S. Chabou-Mostefai, A. Bali, K. Kouider, A. Benselhoub, S. Bellucci Mineral resource assessment through geostatistical analysis in a phosphate deposit 141
V. Naumov, B. Umarova, I. Taran, R. Myrzageldiyev, Z. Tursymbekova, V. Lytvyn Shaping sustainable strategies of freight forwarding companies in the environment of the road transport market 148
O. M. Pihnastyi, M. O. Sobol Analysis of the input material flow of the transport conveyor 156
I. Leroy, I. Zolotaryova Critical infrastructure defense: perspectives from the EU and USA cyber experts 165
Economy and Management 171
O. Yankovyi, E. Kuznietsov, R. Hrinchenko, O. Gura, O. Orlenko Improvement of the enterprise’s production program as a way to adapt to market changes 171
I. Bila, L. Zakrevska, I. Kovalchuk, O. Tkachenko, O. Shevchenko Adaptation of business and consumers to modern challenges in Ukraine 178
I. A. Chikov, S. V. Koliadenko, V. A. Supryhan, O. I. Tabenska, V. S. Nitsenko, O. V. Holinko Smart contracts and business process automation: the technical aspect 186

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