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Geology 5
K. A. Bezruchko, O. V. Burchak, L. I. Pymonenko, V. V. Chelkan Method for determining the ultimate sorption capacity of coal matter by EPR-spectroscopy 5
E. Yu. Seitmuratova, R. T. Baratov, Ya. K. Arshamov, D. O. Dautbekov, Sh. A. Seytzhanov Lithium and gold content in salt domes and saline lands of Western and Southern Kazakhstan 10
R. S. Kirin, P. M. Baranov, V. M. Korotaiev, S. V. Shevchenko Algorithm for the formation of price lists for raw amber taking into account individual consumer characteristics 20
E. G. Malchenko, A. T. Roman, V. S. Portnov, N. S. Askarova Peculiarities of the formation of the Zhailma volcano-tectonic deep 26
Mining 32
D. T. Ivadilinova, T. K. Issabek, D. K. Takhanov, G. B. Yeskenova Predicting underground mining impact on the earth’s surface 32
G. Zh. Moldabayeva, Z. B. Imansakipova, R. T. Suleimenova, N. S. Buktukov, B. B. Imansakipova Pressure distribution in the oil reservoir in a two-dimensional plane 38
V. I. Bondarenko, H. A. Symanovych, I. A. Kovalevska, M. V. Shyshov, V. H. Yakovenko Geomechanical substantiation of parameters for safe completion of mining the coal reserves adjacent to main workings 46
M. T. Biletskiy, B. T. Ratov, A. K. Sudakov, D. Sudakova, B. R. Borash Modeling of drilling water supply wells with airlift reverse flush agent circulation 53
Solid State Physics, Mineral Processing 61
F. Ait Merzeg, N. Bezzi, N. Bouzidi, S. Narsis, N. Bait, R. Ladji, K. Bachari Reverse flotation process in double stage on the Algerian phosphate ore treatment 61
Geotechnical and Mining ­Mechanical Engineering, Machine Building 67
V. E. Khrychikov, H. V. Meniailo, O. D. Semenov, Y. G. Aftandiliants, S. V. Gnyloskurenko Graphitizing modification of the axial zone of cast iron rolling rolls in the liquidus-solidus temperature range 67
V. Jóvér, M. Sysyn, J. Liu, S. Fischer Geometry variation of ballasted railway tracks due to weather conditions 74
M. Volodarets, I. Gritsuk, I. Taran, V. Volkov, M. Bulgakov, M. Izteleuova Features of modernization of a truck with a hybrid power transmission 80
N. Mekahlia, Y. Khadri, S. Bensehamdi, A. Benselhoub Analysis of surface settlements induced by tunnel excavation with EPB-TBM 88
O. V. Fomin, A. O. Lovska, A. M. Fomina, L. O. Vasylieva, R. V. Sushchenko Load of a semi-car having the dismountable roof of composites 94
Power Supply Technologies 99
I. Lutsenko, N. Rukhlova, M. Kyrychenko, P. Tsyhan, V. Panchenko Increasing the energy efficiency of modes of distribution networks with photovoltaic stations 99
V. Tytiuk, O. Chornyi, D. Mrachkovskyi, S. Tryputen, M. Tryputen, V. Kuznetsov Mathematical model of the closed-loop system of excavator bucket positioning 107
Yu. G. Kachan, V. V. Kuznetsov, O. A. Shram Minimization of power fluctuations of wind power plants when constructed in exclusion zones of enterprises 115
Environmental Safety, Labour Protection 122
O. V. Stolbchenko, A. A. Yurchenko, I. O. Luts, D. V. Saveliev Reducing external air leakage at the main ventilation unit of the mine 122
Y. A. Turlova, Yu. V. Orlov, H. S. Polishchuk, L. G. Kozliuk, A. A. Ternavska Criminological characterization of environmental crimes in the field of subsurface resources protection 129
Z. G. Zhanbirov, O. V. Deryugin, A. B. Toktamyssova, D. A. Agabekova, M. M. Arkhirei Research on the impact of cognitive biases of workers on the subjective assessment of occupational risk 136
Information Technologies, Systems Analysis and Administration 142
A. H. Shporta, T. S. Kagadii, V. B. Govorukha, O. D. Onopriienko, Shuo Zhao Analysis of numeric results for analogue of Galin’s problem in curvilinear coordinates 142
Pham Thanh Loan, Le Xuan Thanh Data collection system with signal optimal-routine for the mining and environmental monitoring in Vietnam 149
O. V. Aleinikova, O. I. Datsii, I. I. Kalina, A. A. Zavgorodnia, Yu. O. Yeremenko, V. S. Nitsenko Digital technologies as a reason and tool for dynamic transformation of territory marketing 154
Economy and Management 160
V. V. Prokhorova, O. Yu. Yemelyanov, O. Ya. Koleshchuk, K. I. Petrushka Tools for assessing obstacles in implementation of energy saving measures by enterprises 160
B. V. Burkynskyi, S. V. Ilchenko, V. F. Gryshchenko, I. V. Gryshchenko The competitive strategy profile of Ukrainian inland water transport: economic justification 169
Yu. V. Honcharov, M. V. Dykha, V. Voronina, A. Milka, N. Klymenchukova Forecasting the innovation of Ukraine’s economic development in a global dimension 174
I. Novykova, O. Kulikov, P. Kukhta, E. Vasylkonova, A. Kozlova, Ye. Panin Factor analysis of assessment of the economic potential of mining companies 182
N. A. Makarenko, O. Yu. Makarenko, A. A. Poltavets, A. O. Shapar, V. A. Doroshenko Legal regulation of economic activity during the period of armed aggression against Ukraine 187

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