Mathematical simulation of microclimate normalisation processes in deep ore mines

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A.A. Lapshin, Cand. Sci. (Tech.), Associate Professor, State Higher EducationalInstitution Kryvyi Rih National University”, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Mining Aerology and Mining Safety, Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine


Purpose. Prognosis of microclimate normalization processes in the air-supply mine workings of deep ore mines through the creation of mathematical model.

Methodology. Scientific analysis and synthesis of previously executed theoretical and experimental studies on issues of microclimate normalization during underground mining of ore deposits; theoretical researches and mathematical simulation of heat-exchange processes in the air-supply workings of mines; use of fundamental principles of physics, aero-and hydrodynamics, which are necessary for development of the ways of regulation the thermal regime in the deep ore mines.

Findings. The necessity of the microclimate normalization processes mathematical simulation using modern computer technology was justified. We have analyzed the known methods of mathematical simulation of heat-exchange processes in deep ore mines workings. Mathematical model of the microclimate normalization processes occurring at air motion in mine workings was constructed. It allows us to predict the state of the thermal regime with a view of its subsequent regulation.

Originality. The use of meteorological factors, including temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and water vapor condensation as the basic parameters of microclimate changes in deep mines.

Practical value. Creation of the method for mathematical simulation of heat-exchange processes occurring in the air that moves in mine workings, allowing us to adjust the thermal regime in the deep ore mines.


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