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Geology 5
I. S. Nikitenko, V. N. Stepanchuk, V. I. Ganotskiy On the earliest evidence of the middle Dnipro area non-flint rocks use 5
T. G. Shendrik, N. I. Dunayevska, A. I. Fateyev, A. K. Tsaryuk, V. P. Yelahin Phenomena and mechanism of slagging and corrosion in energy use of coal with a high content of salts 12
Mining 20
B. Akhymbayeva, D. Nauryzbayeva, B. Mauletbekova, J. Ismailova Peculiarities of drilling hard rocks using hydraulic shock technology 20
B. Yu. Sobko, O. V. Lozhnikov, M. O. Chebanov, D. V. Vinivitin Substantiation of the optimal parameters of the bench elements and slopes of iron ore pits 26
A. M. Buchynskyi, M. Ya. Buchynskyi, M. I. Vasylchenko Forecasting the technical efficiency of mobile workover rigs 33
Solid State Physics, Mineral Processing 39
T. Tahri, N. Bezzi, A. Bouzenzana, K. M. Benghadab, A. Benselhoub Use of natural phosphate wastes in the manufacture of construction bricks 39
O. V. Burchak, V. V. Sobolev, K. A. Bezruchko, O. S. Kovrov, A. V. Kurliak, K. Jach Impact of weak electromagnetic fields on the properties of coal substance 46
Geotechnical and Mining Mechanical Engineering, Machine Building 54
O. V. Fomin, A. O. Lovska, A. M. Fomina, S. M. Turpak, S. V. Hrytsai Load of the wagon-platform for transportation of bulk cargoes 54
K. S. Zabolotnyi, O. L. Zhupiiev, V. V. Symonenko Substantiating the methods for calculating the split cylindrical drums of mine hoisting machines with increased rope capacity 60
Power Supply Technologies 68
O. V. Lazarenko, O. Yu. Pazen, R. Yu. Sukach, V. I. Pospolitak Experimental evaluation of fire hazard of lithium-ion battery during its mechanical damage 68
V. M. Golovko, M. Ya. Ostroverkhov, M. A. Kovalenko, I. Ya. Kovalenko, D. V. Tsyplenkov Mathematical simulation of autonomous wind electric installation with magnetoelectric generator 74
I. A. Volchyn, L. S. Haponych, V. O. Mokretskyy Estimation and forecasting of carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired thermal power plants in Ukraine 80
H. Pivniak, O. Aziukovskyi, Yu. Papaika, I. Lutsenko, N. Neuberger Problems of development of innovative power supply systems of Ukraine in the context of European integration 89
Environmental Safety, Labour Protection 104
S. I. Cheberiachko, O. O. Yavorska, A. V. Yavorskyi, M. Yu. Ikonnikov A risk of pulmonary diseases in miners while using dust respirators 104
L. Yarmol, M. Dolynska, N. Stetsyuk, I. Andrusiak, I. Muraviova Legal security of environmental safety under the conditions of marital state in Ukraine 110
R. O. Movchan, O. O. Dudorov, D. V. Kamensky, A. A. Vozniuk, V. V. Babanina Criminal liability for illegal mining: analysis of legislative novelties 116
O. S. Petrakovska, M. V. Trehub, Yu. Ye. Trehub, Yu. O. Zabolotna Planning models of sanitary protection zones around mode-forming objects 122
R. S. Kirin, V. L. zKhomenko, O. Yu. Illarionov, Ye. A. Koroviaka Dichotomy of legal provision of ecological safety in excavation, extraction and use of coal mine methane 128
I. Kalina, D. Novykov, V. Leszczynski, K. Lavrukhina, P. Kukhta, V. Nitsenko Entrepreneurial structures of the extractive industry: foreign experience in environmental protection 136
Yu. Petrunia, V. Petrunia, R. Oleksiienko, V. Shvets, V. Osetskyi Ecologization of market behavior of consumers and management business strategies 142
V. Andrieiev, H. Hapich, V. Kovalenko, S. Yurchenko, A. Pavlychenko Efficiency assessment of water resources management and use by simplified indicators 148
L. M. Cherniak, R. V. Petruk, O. M. Mikhieiev, S. M. Madzhd, G. D. Petruk Investigation of the influence of hyperthermia and soil pollution with the petrochemicals on test objects using the method of mathematical planning 153
Information Technologies, Systems Analysis and Administration 158
Le Xuan Thanh, Ho Viet Bun A new approach on AI application for grounding resistor prediction in underground mines of Vietnam 158
Economy and Management 164
O. Yankovyi, Yu. Yegupov, H. Koshelok, V. Yankovyi, O. Chernyshova Comparative analysis of efficiency criteria for investment projects 164
L. Demchyk, O. Herasymchuk Monitoring as a component of the course “Life safety and labor protection” 170
T. A. Vasilyeva, O. V. Kuzmenko, N. V. Stoyanets, A. E. Artyukhov, V. V. Bozhenko The depiction of cybercrime victims using data mining techniques 174
V. Voynilovych, L. Lukashova, N. Parkhaieva, M. Kotova, A. Nechyporuk Model of business processes of delivery of goods during martial law 179
V. I. Kyrylenko, O. V. Tkachenko, A. G. Kotenok, H. O. Sarkisian, A. O. Sitkovska The role of innovative technologies in ensuring the competitiveness of the enterprise 185
V. Pavlov, I. Shtuler, N. Gerasymchuk, T. Mirzoieva, A. Lisovyi, I. Kucher Concept of national innovation system: etymologization and complications of management 191
V. Ya. Shvets, O. V. Tryfonova, H. V. Baranets Peculiarities of developing global value chains in the Context of chemical industry 197

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