Contens №6 2019

Contens 06 2019
Patterns of beryllium distribution in rocks of Central Kazakhstan
Substantiating parameters of ­zeolite-smectite puff-stone washout and migration within an extraction chamber
Technical and economic substantiation of developing Kusmuryn copper deposit (Kazakhstan)
Influence of chemical reagent complex on intensification of uranium well extraction
New approach to zone division of surface of the ­deposit by the degree of sinkhole risk
The development of technological solutions on mining and processing brown coal to improve its quality
The energy technological background of involving salty coals into energy balance of Ukraine. 2. Natural minerals as catalysts of thermochemical conversion of salty coals in various conditions
Physical and chemical transformations in gas coal samples influenced by the weak magnetic field
Defining the limits of application and the values of integration variables for the equations of train movement
Energy effectiveness of the differential of a device for speed change through the sun gear
Creation of object-oriented model of centrifugal pump on the basis of electro-hydrodynamic analogy method
Leveling of pressure flow of radial ventilator in mine ventilation system
Energy-saving control for traction frequency-regulated asynchronous engine of an electric vehicle
Minimization of the “human factor” influence in Occupational Health and Safety
Calculation of the volume of air for ventilation of mining workings when operating self-propelled diesel equipment
Efficiency of application of antipyrogenic materials for coating coals and coke
Algorithmic provisions for data processing under spatial analysis of risk of accidents at hazardous production facilities
Control of the belt speed at unbalanced loading of the conveyor
Information technologies for power supply dispatch control based on linguistic corpus ontologies
All-weather monitoring of oil and gas production areas using satellite data
Methodological approach to labor potential assessment based on the use of fuzzy sets theory
Legal regulation of occupational safety and health in the European Union and Ukraine: a comparative approach
Micro business participation in government procurement: ProZorro experience
The perfection of motivational model for improvement of power supply quality with using the one-way analysis of variance
Analysis of decoupling of economic growth, environmental pressure and resource use in Dnipropetrovsk region
The impact of mine waters on the condition of the water management complex of Ukraine: tasks of water management
Developing a technology for treating blue-green algae biomass using vibro-resonance cavitators


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