Aggregated methodology of multicriterion economic and ecological examination of the ecologically oriented investment projects

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V.Ya. Shvets, Dr. Sci. (Econ.), Professor, State Higher Educational Institution “National Mining University”, Head of the Department of Management of Productive Sphere, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

E.V. Rozdobudko, Cand. Sci (Econ.), Associate Professor, Dneprodzerzhinsk Institute of Economy of Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, Deputy Director on Scientific and Methodological Work, Dneprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine

G.V. Solomina, Dneprodzerzhinsk Institute of Economy of Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, Assistant Lecturer of the Management Department, Dneprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine


Purpose. To substantiate the methodology of economic and ecological examination of the ecologically oriented investment projects on the basis of classification and multicriterion choice of alternatives in the conditions of nonstatistical uncertainty.

Methodology. The development of the methodology of project multicriterion examination has been considered a subsystem of planning, which is based on organizational support, and is formed according to basic financial and ecological indices of business processes. Research methodology is base on estimation of internal and external environment of investment project, account of his economic and ecological potential.

Findings. We have suggested the recommendations on examination of economic and ecological investment project in order to select the most rational structure of the mathematical model of multicriterion choice allowing its prognostication according to certain reference-points and monitoring of the achievement.

Originality. We have formalized the technical approach to the estimation of an economic and ecological investment project on the basis of integration of quantitative and qualitative criteria that are estimated by a score scale from positions of statics and dynamics. We have determined the scenarios of expert estimation that allow us to estimate the adequacy of decision making processes and to define the resources sufficiency for realization of a project.

Practical value. We have used the modern methods for estimation of the environment state nonstatistical uncertainty, and its prognostication in the context of the balanced system of economic and ecological indices of the investment projects management. This contributes to the support system of economic and ecological investment decision making and provides viability of investment projects.




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