Substantiation of method of formation of ice hydrate blocks with the purpose of transporting and storage of hydrate generating gas

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L.O. Pedchenko, Yu. Kondratiuk Poltava National Technical University, Postgraduate Student, Poltava, Ukraine

M.M. Pedchenko, Yu. Kondratiuk Poltava National Technical University, Senior Instructor, Poltava, Ukraine


The problems of accumulation, transport and storage of gases and gas mixtures appear frequently. But the existing technologies appear ineffective for transporting condensate or compressed gas by pipelines. The problem concerns utilization of associated oil gas, natural gas from imperfect and marginal wells, extraction of mine and shale gas and utilization of carbon dioxide.

The hydrates of hydrate generating gases the can stay stable under low pressure and at temperatures below 273 K relatively long. Their dissociation can be considerably slowed due to the effect of self-covering or forced covering with icy crust. The transport and storage of gases in hydrate form can become alternative technology. Some elements of the technology should be developed for this purpose. The choice of method of shaping gas hydrate mass into forms of definite shape and size becomes important.

The method and basic elements of technology of large size icy hydrate blocks production are offered in work. Preliminary laboratory working of the technology elements was conducted on snow models. The models were produced and prepared for the imitation of gas hydrate structure. The research confirmed the possibility of formation of ice hydrate blocks with necessary characteristics and properties. The temperature and pressure conditions required for formation of ice crust on the surface of the models were determined. The ranges of such parameters were selected for the gases of different initial temperature and composition. The features of icy crust formation were considered depending on the method of refrigeration of gas hydrate cylinder. Time required for adiabatic and convective cooling process was calculated. The empirical models of cooling processes are offered.


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