Geochemical features of groundwater and mine water in coal basins of Ukraine (evidence from Chervonohrad mining area and Central Donbass)

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S.P. Voitovych, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Department of Geology, Senior Analyst of Interfaculty Scientific Research Laboratory of Network Information Technology, Lviv, Ukraine.


Purpose. Summarize the component structure and properties of mine water from Chervonograd area and Central Donbass, and give the comparative description of the composition and properties of the fluid.

Methodology. Analysis and synthesis of own data and the information concerning studies of mine water published earlier by local scientists.

Findings. Quantitative and qualitative comparative evaluation of the composition of mine water from Chervonograd mining area and Central Donbass has been carried out. Neutral water from the both studied areas has been considered in detail. Mine water from Chervonograd mining area is characterized by values of mineralization from 3 to 10 g/dm3, and the water from Central Donbass, from 1-2 to 30 g/dm3. It has been proved that in Chervonograd mining area the anions of chlorine are dominant anions, and in Central Donbas, chloride ions and sulfate ions. Sodium ions are dominant cations in Chervonograd mining area; and cationic composition of mine waters in Central Donbass is different.

Originality. The areas of distribution of a certain range of concentrations of major ions in composition of mine waters have been established and spatial geochemical characteristics of these waters have been found. This is the first comparative description of the component composition of mine water from Chervonograd mining area and Central Donbass.

Practical value. The results of the study of component composition of mine water can be used to choose the best way of mine water purification and to forecast changes in the environment caused by its influence. Selection of an optimal technological scheme of mine water purification turned out to be a challenging task due to the composition of the fluid and the variety of impurities in it. Thus knowledge of the chemical composition allows selection of the most effective and low-cost purification method. The results obtained can also be used in coal mines for prediction of chemical composition of mine water.


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