Advantages of magnetic loader over rail brakes on mine locomotive

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V.V. Protsiv, Associate Professor, State Higher Educational Institution „National mining university“, Professor of Department of Machines and Mechanisms Design, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

O.V. Novytskyi, State Higher Educational Institution „National mining university“, Assistant Lecturer of the Department of Transport Management, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

A.I. Samoilov, Science and Production Company “Mining machines”, Technical Manager of Wheel Transport, Donetsk, Ukraine


Purpose. To simulate the process of braking of mine locomotive by АРП10РВ wheel shoe brakes together with magnetic brakes or loaders.

Method. Composition of equalizations of Lagrange of the second degree, which after transformation into differential equalizations of the second degree have been solved by means of the mathematical software Wolfram Mathematica 8, has been used to determine the length of braking distance.

Results. Theoretical research of possibility of implementation of magnetic brakes as the magnetic loader of biaxial locomotive АРП10РВ (mass of 10 tons) with rolling stock of the loaded trolleys has been conducted. It has been proved that suspension of magnetic loader sections by tractions on a stringer leaning against bearing support of the first and the second wheel pairs, under angles close to vertical, allows finishing loading of locomotive wheels and achieving higher rate of coefficient of rolling friction for realization of mine locomotive braking forces than the rate of friction coefficient of magnetic brake section sliding by the rolling surface of the rail.

Originality. Equalizations of Lagrange of the second degree has been used for construction of mathematical model of mine train braking with the locomotive which has magnetic loader, and determination of the length of braking distance.

Practical value. The research results allow us to count the number of the loaded trolleys which can be transported by a mine locomotive with magnetic loader through the dangerous section of rail way.


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