Theoretical and practical problems of enterprise management based on reconciliation of stakeholder interests

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I.B. Oleksiv, Cand. Sci. (Econ.), Associate Professor, Lviv Polytechnic National University, Doctoral Student, Lviv, Ukraine


Purpose. Todevelop concept for agreement of enterprise stakeholder interest and to analyze the possibilities of using such concept in enterprise management.

Methodology. Comparison, analysis and synthesis methods were applied in the research. In order to develop concept of reconciliation of stakeholder interests method of generalization was applied.

Findings. As the result of literature of review in the article basic theories that can be applied for development of company management system were analyzed. In particular, the possibilities of application of agency theory, transaction cost theory and stakeholder theory for the development of company management system were analyzed in the article. Basing on pros and cons analysis of mentioned theories it was identified that application of agency theory and transaction theory is not effective for management system development due to the inability to provide the participation of all social and economic actors in decision-making process. Therefore basing on literature review the author proposed theoretical principles of Ukrainian company management based on the agreement of stakeholder interests.

Originality. The main result of the paper is combining of theoretical principles of Ukrainian company management based on the agreement of stakeholder interests into a concept. The developed concept forms the theoretical basis for important stakeholder selection, analysis of their interests, and application of methods directed at agreement of stakeholder interests and making managerial decisions considering stakeholder interests. The application of such concept in company management will contribute to company stakeholders’ interests reconciliation which will result into the decrease of company transaction costs, better access to the resources of contra agents and the improvement of company’s social responsibility.

Practical value. The results of the research can be used for the development of company management system based on the reconciliation of the stakeholder interests. 


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