Definition of indicators for estimation of open-pit dump truck competitiveness

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V.I. Prokopenko, Dr. Sci. (Tech.), Professor, State Higher Educational Institution “National Mining University”, Head of the Department of Applied Economics, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

L.A. Bondarenko, State Higher Educational Institution “National Mining University”, Graduate Student, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine


Purpose. To set the methodological principles determining the impact of technical and economic parameters on the efficiency of the dump trucks operation and, based on it, to develop indicators to assess their competitiveness.

Methodology. We have used the methods of comparative analysis, generalization of theoretical and practical experience, system and comprehensive approaches.

Findings. We have grounded the group of economic and technical indicators for dump trucks assessment with consideration of their positive or negative effect on the operation. We have defined technical and economic efficiency of the replacement of basic dump trucks on the proposed ones as a ratio of economic and technological effects reached by this change. The estimation of competitiveness of different models of dump trucks has been carried out.

We have investigated the impact of technical indicators of dump trucks on their performance, as well as changing economic and technical effects, which reflects the ratio of unit costs for transportation of cargo and determine the feasibility of implementation of a particular car model.

Originality. We have improved the method of competitiveness evaluating, which takes into account positive or negative impact on the results of the operation of dump trucks when calculating the technical effect of replacing a car model by another one.

Practical value. We have suggested the methodology and performed calculations of expediency of replacing of some models of dump trucks by others in open-pit.



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