Formalization of geoecological mapping by geological-geophysical data

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O.K. Tyapkin, Dr. Sci. (Geol.), Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Nature Management Problems & Ecology of NAS of Ukraine, Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.

P.I. Pigulevskiy, Dr. Sci. (Geol.), Senior Research Fellow, Dnipropetrovsk Geophysical Expedition “Dniproheofizyka”, Chief Geophysicist, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.

O.G. Bilashenko, State Higher Educational Institution “National Mining University”, postgraduate student, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.


Purpose. To raise the formalization level of solution of geoecological mapping tasks concerning processing of multiparameter geological-geophysical data for problems of high-manmade-load territories changeover to sustainable development in Ukraine.

Methodology. We applied the fuzzy sets theory to raise formalization and efficiency of solution of various tasks of geoecological mapping. When we processed complex geological-geophysical data, the fuzzy purposes achievement task was solved by the Bellman-Zadeh approach. It considers the purposes of acceptance of the decision and the set of alternatives (restrictions) to be equal in rights fuzzy subsets of some universal set of alternatives. To determine the relative weight of different restrictions we solved the ordering problem given fuzzy initial information. Where it was necessary for solving the mentioned tasks we did the transition from fuzzy sets to traditional sets through the level sets, taking into account geological-geophysical conditions of the territory under review.

Findings. The technology of large-scale formalized rating and prediction of development of radiologic conditions of high-manmade-load territories in southeast Ukraine was developed. Thus we based the computing procedures of definition of parameters describing spatial distribution of radioactive pollution in various geospheres in concrete points on the solution of the task of fuzzy purposes achievement by Bellman-Zadeh approach. For this the formalized purposes and restrictions were determined. To determine the influence of the territory tectonic structure features on linear and area distribution of technogenous radioactive pollution we solved the formalized task of definition of fault fragment borders and association of fragments into uniform structures based on geological-geophysical data by calculation of convex combination of fuzzy sets of indicators (attributes) of faults.

Originality. Application of the fuzzy setstheory for processing of multiparameter geological-geophysical data in order to solve various tasks of geoecological mapping of high-manmade-load territories of Ukraine.

Practical value. Application of the formalized procedures of geoecological mapping using geological-geophysical data (developed on the base of the fuzzy sets theory) allows us to raise the efficiency of development of the ways of increase of anthropogenic safety level and minimization of social, economic and ecological losses in the high-manmade-load territories of Ukraine.


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