Efficiency of utilization of vibration-absorbing polimer coating for reducing local vibration

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V.A. Andronov, Dr. Sci. (Tech.), Professor, National University of Civil Protection, Vice Rector for Research, Colonel of Civil Protection Service, Kharkiv, Ukraine.


Yu.M., Danchenko, Cand. Sci. (Tech.), Associate Professor, Kharkiv National University of Building and Architecture, Head of the Department of Chemistry, Kharkiv, Ukraine.


A.V. Skripinets, Kharkiv National University of Building and Architecture, Postgraduate Student, Kharkiv, Ukraine.


O.M. Bukhman, National University of Civil Protection, Lecturer, Kharkiv, Ukraine.


Purpose. Tu study the efficiency of application of vibration-absorbing polymer coating (VPC) for reducing the level of local vibration on the example of jackhammer IP 4010. 

Methodology. We have carried out the research of local vibration levels of jackhammer IP 4010 with noise and vibration measurement system NVM-003-M2.  Local vibration levels of jackhammer have been determined by spectral analysis and integrated assessment of the normalized parameters frequency of with calculation of corrected values vibration speed and acceleration. 

Findings. During the studies we have found out that at low (8–16 Hz) and medium (20–125 Hz) frequency the values of the logarithmic vibration speed and acceleration levels for jackhammer without vibration protection exceed the allowable limit by 10–15%. When using a vibration-absorbing polymer coating in low-frequency and mid-frequency areas the levels of vibration speed and acceleration decrease to 25%. The probability of vibration disease when using the jackhammer with VPC reduces by 50–70%. The greatest effect of reduction is observed when the period of work with the jackhammer is 10 years. 

Originality. For the first time, to reduce the level of local vibration when using jackhammer the vibration-absorbing polymer coating has been applied. The efficiency of the VAC for reducing the local vibration level of the jackhammer at low and mid frequencies has been proved. 

Practical Value. Te research has shown that for the person working with jackhammer with VPC, the probability of the vibration disease appearance decreases by 50–70%.




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