Ecology of the Environment and Life Safety of the Population in the Industrial Regions of Ukraine

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Serdiuk, A.M., Stus, V.P. and Liashenko, V.I. (2011), Ekologiia dovkillia ta bezpeka zhyttiediialnosti naselennia u promyslovykh rehionakh Ukrainy [Ecology of the Environment and Life Safety of the Population in the Industrial Regions of Ukraine], monograph, Porohy, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, 486 p.

The monograph by A.M. Serdiuk, V.P. Stus and V.I. Liashenko "Ecology of the Environment and Life Safety of the Population in the Industrial Regions of Ukraine," provides information about the current state of the uranium production in Ukraine and about international and domestic development of nuclear industry. Features of the structure of uranium deposits, engineering-geological and geomechanical conditions of its development by means of green and seismic-safe technologies and their ecological and economic evaluation have been considered. Authors suggest measures aimed at protection of population from natural and man-made sources of ionizing radiation influence and for improvement of radiation protection in uranium mining and processing areas. The influence of uranium mining industry on the environment has been estimated. The information about radiation monitoring at uranium mining and processing enterprises, about modern equipment and automated systems for environmental monitoring in polluted areas. The main scientific and practical results on improvement of environmental and social safety in industrial and non-industrial cities were presented.

The authors carried out the sanitary-hygienic assessment of heavy metals and radionuclides content in the environment (soil, water and food) of industrial cities of Dnipropetrovsk and Zhovti Vody and compared to those in the city of Novomoskovsk, studied the characteristics of accumulation and distribution of heavy metals and natural radionuclides in biological substrate of residents of industrial cities of Dnipropetrovsk region as well as its impact on the morphological changes in kidneys, and established correlations between the content of heavy metals and pathological morphological changes in the kidneys, and studied genitourinary system sickness rate among residents of Dnipropetrovsk region. A system of prevention measures with use of pectin was developed and implemented to accelerate the elimination of heavy metals, radionuclides, and other contaminants from the bodies of people who undergo the combined effect of heavy metals and ionizing radiation.

The research resulted into the scientific substantiation of the development and implementation of legislative, engineering, manufacturing, sanitation, institutional, medical and biological technologies and tools for reduction of the anthropogenic impact on the population of industrialized areas and disease prevention.

The monograph is useful for engineers of research and design institutes, teachers and university students, public health and medical services, local and central government authorities, offering support for mining industry and the nuclear fuel cycle and a wide range of specialists.


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