About some features of run-updynamicof vibration machines with self-synchronizing inertion vibroexciters

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N.P. Yaroshevich, Dr. Sci. (Tech.), Lutsk State Technical University, Head of the Department of Forest Complex Equipment and Theory of Mechanisms and Machinery, Professor of the Department of TMM and DM, Lutsk, Ukraine

A.V. Silivonyuk, Assistant Lecturer of the Department of Forest Complex Equipment and Theory of Mechanisms and Machinery, Lutsk, Ukraine


Purpose. Comparison of resonance area process by vibratory machines with one imbalance vibration exciter and two self-synchronized exciters as well as improvement of dynamic and power characteristics of such vibratory machines.

Methodology. The basis of analytical research of run-up process isa method of direct separation of motions, as well as fundamental aspects of mechanical vibrations theory and of vibratory mechanics. At the same time, it is taken into account, that the speed of vibration exciter rotor in the resonance area at correctly selected power of electric engine changes relatively slowly. The modeling of the process of vibratory machine run-up is implemented by numeral integration ofdifferential  equations of mechanical vibration system motions as well as by the equations of electromagnetic transients of asynchronous electric engine by using Runge-Kutt method with the mathematical package of Maple 10.

Results.  It is represented that in the case of two self-synchronized imbalance vibration exciters thevibratory machines run-upgets worse (if only their parameters are not absolutely identical) in comparison with one – excitermachines. Effective serial start-up of exciter rotor engines can improve the process of machines run-up with self-synchronization exciters. It is represented that in this case the value ofbraking vibration moments acting on the rotors of exciters in the resonance area diminishes approximately twice in comparison with simultaneous engine starting.

Originality It has been received in an analytic formthe expressions for vibration moments (average values of the extra dynamic loading on the electric rotormotor caused by vibrations of bearing body) at passing resonance area for vibration machines with two self-synchronized imbalance vibration exciters which supplement the well-known results for machine with one imbalance exciter were received.

Practical value. The possibility of the substantial diminishing of electric drive power and starting current power value in case of serial starting of the vibration machine engineswith self-synchronized imbalance vibration excitershas been demonstrated.




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