Solid phase motion in intermittent vertical flow

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N.T. Filimonenko, Cand. Sci. (Tech.), State Higher Educational Institution “Donetsk National Technical University”, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Technology and Techniques of Prospecting, Donetsk, Ukraine

A.A Kozhevnikov, Dr. Sci. (Tech.), State Higher Educational Institution “National Mining University”, Professor of the Department of Technology Prospecting of Mineral Deposits, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine


Purpose. To substantiate the implementation of the most important function of drilling fluid, bottomhole cleaning and sludge removal by rising current during intermittent irrigating of drill hole by means of submersible vacuum displacement pumpset. We already have scientific substantiation of this possibility only for stationary flow. The influence of the intermittent flow on the process of solids content carrying and its localization in the well hydraulic circuit is poorly studied.

Methodology. The research is based on the fundamental principles of the theory of solids content transportation by vertical flow of fluid. The study provides for determination of correlation between the process of sludge removal by rising intermittent current and operating parameters of the submersible vacuum pumpset.

Findings. We have formulated the criteria for rising intermittent current solids content division on two parts, sedimentating and carried up, by fractions and by stream length. We have proved that the sludge formed at the end of the active stage of the first operation cycle of the submersible vacuum pumpset will be carried up during subsequent active stages. Thus, the sludging-up of well does not appear during its irrigation with implementation of submersible vacuum pumpset.

Originality. For the first time we have determined the functional connection of the intermittent flow solid content fractions fineness and parameters of the carrying flow and submersible vacuum pumpset operation cycle.

Practical value. The possibility of application of the promising technology of pulse well irrigation by means of submersible vacuum pumpset appears. It can reduce costs of the drilling operations followed by the fluid loss.




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Filimonenko, N.T. (2009), Metodicheskoye posobiye po raschetu parametrov rabochego tsykla pulsatsyonnogo nasosa i tekhnologii bureniya s ego primeneniyem [Operating Instructions on Calculation of Pulsating Pump Operational Cycle Parameters and Drilling Technology with Its Application], Veber, Donetsk, Ukraine.


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