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Geology 5
I. S. Nikitenko, D. L. Teslenko On the material of the cromlech-crepidoma stone blocks of the Novooleksandrivka kurgan 5
E. G. Malchenko, A. T. Roman, V. S. Portnov On the possible role of magmatism in the atasu type strathiform mineralization (Central Kazakhstan) 11
Mining 17
D. S. Kaumetova, I. D. Arystan, H. K. Absalyamov, K. K. Zhusupova, A. D. Zhukenova, G. S. Abisheva Research into heap leaching technology of gold-bearing ores at the Vasilkovsky gold ore deposit (Kazakhstan) 17
D. Zh. Abdeli, Wisup Bae, A. B. Seiden, Adi Novriansyah Treatment of formation water at oil fields using granular filters with varying particle sizes 23
Geotechnical and Mining Mechanical Engineering, Machine Building 31
V. Morkun, O. Kravchenko Spatial control over ultrasonic cleaning of mining equipment using a phased array technology 31
N. M. Fidrovska, Ye. D. Slepuzhnikov, V. O. Shevchenko, D. V. Legeyda, S. V. Vasyliev Determination of the stability of a three-layer shell of a traveling wheel with light filler 37
Pham Quoc Khanh, Nguyen Ha, Nguyen Thi Kim Thanh, Nguyen Quoc Long Establishment of a suitable reference system for the geodetic horizontal control network in hydroelectric construction in Viet Nam 42
V. Nikolsky, R. Dychkovskyi, A. Lobodenko, H. Ivanova, E. C. Cabana, Ja. Shavarskyi Thermodynamics of the developing contact heating of a process liquid 48
Electrical Complexes and Systems 54
Ho Viet Bun, Le Xuan Thanh A new approach to improving the sensitivity of earthing relay and reducing the over-voltage in 6 kV grid of open-pit mines 54
M. Pechenik, S. Burian, M. Pushkar, H. Zemlianukhina Electromechanical system of turbomechanism when using an alternative source of electric energy 61
Power Supply Technologies 67
D. V. Yatsenko, V. A. Popov, V. P. Rozen, A. I. Zamulko, O. V. Adanikov Accounting the factor of randomity of social processes in prediction of demand for electric energy 67
Environmental Safety, Labour Protection 73
K. H. Bielikova, O. S. Tverdokhlib, S. P. Poteriaiko Information and analytical support for making well-informed administrative decisions in civil protection system 73
S. B. Shekhunova, T. V. Kril Geological and economic risk assessment for territories of hazardous geological and technogenic processes (exemplified by Solotvyno township) 79
Nurten Deva, Muharrem Zabeli Research on chemical composition of secondary copper anodes obtained from aqueous residues of refining process 86
O. M. Pshinko, T. M. Pavlenko, T. M. Dekhta, O. V. Hromova, O. V. Steinbrech Improvement of concrete and building mortar technology using secondary mineral resources 91
Izet Ibrahimi, Zarife Bajraktari-Gashi Research into the properties of poured asphalt from electric furnace slag aggregate 96
S. Chowdhury, M. Rahman, N. M. Zayed, K. B. M. Rajibul Hasan, V. Nitsenko The impact of financial development on accelerating the environmental degradation in Bangladesh 102
M. Sirant, L. Yarmol, O. Baik, I. Andrusiak, N. Stetsyuk State policy of Ukraine in the sphere of environmental protection in the context of European integration 107
Information Technologies, Systems Analysis and Administration 112
V. V. Hnatushenko, Vik. V. Hnatushenko, N. L. Dorosh, N. O. Solodka, O. A. Liashenko Non-relational approach to developing knowledge bases of expert system prototype 112
M. Oliskevych, I. Taran, T. Volkova, I. Klymenko Simulation of cargo delivery by road carrier: case study of the transportation company 118
V. V. Protsiv, V. U. Grigorenko, H. O. Veremei Mathematical 3D-modeling in the formation process of the overhauled surfaces in the repair industry 124
V. A. Zamlynskyi, S. M. Minakova, A. I. Livinskyi, A. M. A. S. Al Ali, B. M. Camara Information and communication technologies as a tool and incentive for strategic decision making 129
Economy and Management 135
N. Verkhoglyadova, I. Kononova, Ye. Morozova, O. Kubetska, Ye. Kovalenko-Marchenkova Management of structural changes in the system of economic formation of sustainable development 135
A. Ursarova, R. Mussaliyeva, B. Mussabayev, D. Kozachenko, R. Vernyhora Multi-criteria evaluation of professional qualities of railway dispatching personnel using computer simulations 141
O. Levchuk, K. Levchuk, L. Husak Scientific and educational consortium as institutional projection of the innovative professional training 148
H. Silakova, O. Vialets, T. Batrakova, O. Mykhailenko, O. Ovdii Strategic diagnostics in the system of controlling the financial results of the enterprise 154
S. Cheremisina, V. Rossokha, O. Petrychenko, L. Fedoryshyna, N. Dobrianska The cost of formation and problems of effective realization of labor potential in Ukraine 159
N. A. Yasynska, I. V. Syrmamiikh, B. V. Derevyanko, L. M. Nikolenko, A. V. Katrych Transformation of the metallurgical industry of Ukraine from the concept “Industry 4.0” to capitalism of stakeholder 166
M. B. Litvinova, O. M. Dudchenko, O. D. Shtanko Application of logistic concept for the organization of small academic groups training in higher education institutions 174

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