Emission of toxic combustion products caused by fire at storages of crude oil and petroleum products

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D.P. Voytovych, Cand. Sci. (Tech.), Lviv State University of Life Safety, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Fire-Fighting Tactics and Operative Rescue Works, Lviv, Ukrainе.

E.M. Hulida, Dr. Sci. (Tech.), Professor, Lviv State University of Life Safety, Head of the Department of Fire-Fighting Tactics and Operative Rescue Works, Lviv, Ukrainе.


Purpose. To suggest a method, supported by theoretical and experimental studies, for determination of the relationship between the area of the fire and the amount of emissions of toxic combustion products during fire cases at the sites of storage of petroleum and its products. To reduce emissions by implementing highly effective engineering fire protection.

Methodology. The method of calculation of capabilities for fighting fires in tanks has been adopted to solve this problem. The subject of the research is the area of the fire in the vertical steel tanks PBC-5000 and the amount of toxic combustion products released in the convective flow due to a possible fire.

The environmental pollution with combustion products was determined by the dependencies that included specific values of possible emission of toxic products (stoichiometric coefficients). We have managed to reduce the values of each parameter through implementation of highly effective engineering and technical fire prevention measures.

Findings. The results received allow monitoring and controlling the environmental safety at the sites of storage of petroleum and its products. In addition, the proposed dependencies allow determining the quantitative composition of toxic combustion products released into the environment during the fire at the sites of storage of petroleum and its products.

Originality. The methodology of the environmental pollution scoring during fire cases at the sites of storage of petroleum and its products considering weather conditions and combustion products spread.

Practical value. The results are recommended for implementation in the operating practice of storage of petroleum and petroleum products and administrative management at these facilities to provide fire and environmental safety. It may be used by research and design institutions for design of the objects of storage of petroleum and petroleum products and by higher technical schools in educational process in studies of disciplines concerning firefighting and ecology.


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