Information provision of power-plant fuel quality control system

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V.V. Ovsyanikov, State Higher Educational Institution “National Mining University”, postgraduate student, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine


Purpose. For the purpose of increase of power efficacy and profitability of work of thermal power plants or other heat-generating objects, Information Management System for fuel quality control should be created.

Methodology. The engineering data sheet drawing and operating procedure for the software system of diagnostics of quality parameters of the fuel for thermal power plants or other heat-generating objects have been developed. We have suggested the software for the microcontroller and the PC which allows defining quality parameters of the fuel taking into account features of the microwave computerized measuring equipment being in use. We have tested the developed system of diagnostics of the specific heat of the fuel combustion in two ways in specialized laboratory and in the third way, on the conveyor with coal.

Findings. The choiceof construction ideology of information control system for determination of the fuel quality parameters including hardware base together with the relevant software has been substantiated. Due to tests and probability and dispersing assessment of all influencing factors the error of determination of the specific heat of the fuel combustion in specialized laboratory of the enterprise in two ways ranges within 5–8% provided that the time spent on each sample is 15–30 minutes. And when controlling the specific heat of fuel combustion in real-time mode on the conveyor in the third way, the error of the received results increases and ranges within 10–20%.

Originality. For the first time the frame, hardware base, algorithm of work and the software of information system that allows us to define values of the quality parameters of the fuel for thermal power plants or other heat-generating objects with use of the microwave computerized measuring equipment have been offered. Three new methods of application of measuring equipment in system of information support which have the improved indexes of accuracy and time spent on definition of values of fuel combustion specific heat have been offered.

Practical value. Industrial use of the offered system of the information support approved in specialized laboratories of thermal power plant may increase accuracy and reduce time of definition of values of the fuel quality parameters and, thereby, increase power efficiency and profitability of heat-generating objects.


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