Interrelation of circular transfer ratio of double-split transmissions with regulation characteristic in case of planetary gear output

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I.A. Таrаn, Cand. Sci. (Tech.), Senior Lecturer, Higher Educational Institution “National Mining University”, Head of the Department of Transport Managements, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine


Purpose. To formalize regulation characteristic of hydrostatic mechanical transmissions and establish interrelation of circular transfer ratio of closed circuit for double-split hydrostatic mechanical transmissions with the characteristic of hydrostatic transmission in case of planetary gear output. It is necessary for establishing the behavior principles of circular and non-circular operating modes in all hydrostatic mechanical transmission operating modes in case of planetary gear output.

Methodology. Theoretical studies of transmissions are based on the key issues of theory of machines and mechanisms and on the theory of closed double-split transmissions.

Findings. The result of the research is the interrelation of circular transfer ratio of double-split transmissions with regulation characteristic in case of planetary gear output. It is necessary for justifying the structural and kinematic schemes of a diesel locomotive transmission. It has been established that transfer ratio of planetary gear is always positive at descending regulation curve. In the first half of speed range, before regulation curve crosses velocity axis, the circulation in double-split hydrostatic mechanical transmissions with planetary gear is always accompanied by reverse power flow through hydrostatic transmission. While in the second half of speed range up to top speed there is parallel power flow in double-split hydrostatic mechanical transmissions and direct power flow through hydrostatic transmission.

Originality. Analysis of distributing powers circulating in double-split steplessly variable with loss in hydrostatic transmissions and their efficiency, determining relationships in distributing power on brunches of double-split hydrostatic mechanical transmissions in the process of their performance as transport means, and strict demonstration of lemma concerning availability or absence of circulating power within double-split hydrostatic mechanical transmissions that is the basis of scientific substantiation of the methodology of steplessly variable double-split hydrostatic mechanical transmissions under any working mode both for traction and transport velocity ranges of any transport means including mine diesel locomotives.

Practical value. Using laws of formation and transfer of power paths within transmission components to substantiate the type of transmission required for necessary moving force and stepless cruise control of diesel locomotives within the given range when diesel engine has constant frequency of crankshaft rotation for minimum discharges and fuel consumption. Distribution of paths limits greatly both structure and kinematic scheme of double-split stepless transmission. For any nonreversible variator it should give only parallel power paths from the engine up to driving wheels of traction and transport machine.


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