Control regularities of the useful mineral extraction from ore feed stream with ball grinding. Correlation analysis

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I.K.Mladetsky, Dr. Sc. (Tech.), Prof., State Higher Education Institution “National Mining University”, Dnipro, Ukraine, e-mail: kuvaievig@gmail. com

Ya.H.Kuvaiev, Cand. Sc. (Tech.), Assoc. Prof., State Higher Education Institution “National Mining University”, Dnipro, Ukraine, e-mail: kuvaievig@gmail. com

N.S.Pryadko, Dr. Sc. (Tech.), Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Technical Mechanics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, State Space Agency of Ukraine, Dnipro, Ukraine


Purpose. To define the indicative events characterizing a process state on “useful mineral content in ore –useful mineral content in a concentrate” control channel at an ore concentrating plant with ball grinding using correlation analysis method with the purpose of an operator exclusion out of a control circuit.

Methodology. Correlation analysis of the control object parameters.

Findings. According to the mutually correlation function a range of indicative events is determined which characterize a process state on “useful mineral content in ore –useful mineral content in a concentrate” control channel.

Originality. Comparison of numerical values of recession time and the equivalent delay of autocorrelation and correlation functions of the general iron content and a time constant of a dressing process line obtained in the normal operation of ore concentrating factory with ball grinding has been made out for the first time.

Practical value. The indicative events obtained by the type and parameters of the correlation functions between the content of a useful mineral in the feedstock and concentrate can be used for automatic system creation for situation-dependent process control of ferrous and non-ferrous ore dressing as both at separate ball grinding sections, and at separate plants which include these sections.


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