Test of strengthening racks of special interchangeable structure

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P. Gluh, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Adjunct, Silesian Polytechnic Institute, Gliwice, Poland

D. Giza, Gonar-Systems International, Master, Technical Director, Director of Research and Development, Katowice, Poland

Yu.M. Halimendik, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, State Higher Educational Institution “National Mining University”, Head of the Department of Mine Surveying, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine


Experience of the Polish mines on maintenance of workings for reuse is presented. The analysis of clutch joints performance is given. Results of bench tests of racks of strengthening with special structure of various designs are given. The possibility of application of racks of strengthening with high bearing capacity is proved. The design of racks of strengthening from three-element of segments of special shape is offered.


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6. Заявка на патент. Польша. P-392842 от 03.11.10. “Stalowy stojak dla wyrobisk gorniczych i spósob jego zabudowy”.

Patent pending. Poland. P–392842 dated 03.11.10. „Stalowy stojak dla wyrobisk gorniczych i spósob jego zabudowy“

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