Aspects of solution of the problem of energy consumption reduction at mining in deep mines of Donbass

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G.G. Pivnyak, Academician of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Dr. Sci (Tech.), Professor, State Higher Educational Institution “National Mining University”, Rector, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

V.A. Boyko, Dr. Sci (Tech.), Professor, State Higher Educational Institution “National Mining University”, Professor of the Department of Aerology and Safety, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine


As the first stер in solving the problem of energy consumption reduce during coal production in deep mines of Donets Coal Basin it is proposed to use heat of the Earth crust as an alternative source of energy. It was considered two ways of possible realization of the project in case of coal production in Donbass at the maximum depths of 1800 meters. The first way implies construction of a preliminary horizon below the maximum depth of coal deposit. Tunnels of that horizon intercept the heat going from the interior of the Earth and remove it. The second way implies well-organized removal and use of heat from rock massif around the headings of operating mine, starting from the depth of 1000 meters and deeper. Both variants transform a mine into a coal production & heat extraction energy-technological complex until the deposit is depleted and afterwards it can work for heat extraction only. It was considered the possible ways of extracted heat use for the needs of mine infrastructure and for the needs of power industry. Preliminary evaluation of economic indices of the suggested method of the geothermal source application as an alternative energy source was carried out.


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