The research of the process of iron ore pellets layer heat treatment in the combustion chamber of a belt kiln

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V.I. Lobov, Cand. Sci. (Tech.), Associate Professor, State Higher Educational Institution “National University of Krivoy Rog”, Krivoy Rog, Ukraine.

M.A. Kotliar, LLC “ML Company”, Electronic Engineer, Krivoy Rog, Ukraine.


The difficulty of reading the actual indicators of temperature behavior of pellet firing in the gas-air chamber of belt kiln does not allow us to obtain the real data required for the introduction of automatic control systems. Therefore, there is a necessity in the calculations of temperature values, which are confirmed by the results of modelling and can be taken into account when designing new systems of automatic control, or their modernization.

Purpose. Based on laws of heat transfer and thermal radiation need to construct the mathematical model and define through the modeling of the temperature field distribution in the layer of pellets in the gas chamber of the belt kiln.

Methodology. To define specific values of temperature in the layer of pellets with account of design parameters of the belt kiln plots layer pellets are divided into elementary minimum blocks of cubic form, which allow us to simulate the processes of heat transfer inside the layer of pellets.

Findings. In the environment of the Matlab Simulink the authors researched the distribution of the temperature field in the layer of pellets. The article describes the main algorithms of the program, gives the examples of visualization of the simulation results, and identifies the ways of improvement and the methods of application of the developed mathematical model. The simulation results allow using the obtained data for the NSC SAR process of thermal treatment of pellets. The main modes of heat treatment of pellets in the layer were modeled based on the analysis of the intensity of the generated developer of infrared radiation. The model is flexible and takes into consideration the basic parameters of technological process of burning pellets and settings of the belt kiln.

Originality. Thermal processes of the pellets firing in gas-air chamber of the belt kiln have been determined in the light of the processes of heat transfer and thermal radiation inside the layer of pellets, improving the final product quality due to exact compliance with the terms of thermal processing of pellets.

Practical value. The simulation results may be used for design of modern automated process control systems for thermal processing of pellets.


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