Analysis of causes of the accidents occurring in process of drilling of big diameter vertical wells

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A.A. Gorelkin, “Spetsshakhtobureniye” Co., Ltd., Engineer, Donetsk, Ukraine


Purpose. To establish regularities of misalignment of vertical shafts and wells of large diameter in the process of drilling in layered rocks of different strengths and to find the ways of maintaining their verticality. Research work aiming the vertical shafts and large-diameter boreholes drilling technology improvement are topical because of contingency situations arising while drilling process through the mining and geological factors. The contingency are divided on accidents and troubles. Accidents are associated with prolonged stoppage of drilling process.

Methodology. The analysis of the contingency causes is to identify those of the most significant influence on the penetration as well as engineering-and-economic performance of production division.

Findings. The analysis of different contingencies occurred on the 500 production entities of “Spetsshakhtobureniye” Co., Ltd. has made it possible to estimate the degree of influence of costs spent on elimination of their aftermath on the level of production profitability and also to develop criteria for assessment of the level of contingency.

Originality. Implementation of the proposed criterion, Contingency Index, allows assessing the impact of costs associated with its elimination on technological process in general and the engineering-and-economic performance of production division.

Practical value. The fulfilled analysis showed that a significant number of contingencies occurred while drilling vertical shafts and large-diameter boreholes may be prevented by maintaining technical and technological discipline. Also, the analysis showed that more attention should be paid to studying the mechanism of interaction between the straight bit and rocks with different strength properties taking into consideration development of technical means ensuring the verticality of constructed mine workings.


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