Differential LDPC coded systems with multiple symbol differential detection over AWGN сhannels

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YangYu, School of Electrical and Information Engineering,Jiangsu University of Technology,Changzhou 213001, Jiangsu, China

Defa Hu, School of Computer and Information Engineering, Hunan University of Commerce, Changsha 410205, Hunan, China


Purpose. In this paper, a scheme of differential LDPC coded systems with multiple symbol differential detection (MSDD) was studied to improve the performance of the differential LDPC coded systems with conventional differential detection (CDD).

Methodology. In order to make the systemsuit for iterative decoding, the metric of MSDD soft-input soft-output (SISO) module of the considered systems over AWGN channels was derived first. Extrinsic information transfer (EXIT) chart analysis and the computer simulations were then performed to analyze the characteristics and the performance of the considered systems.

Findings. It was shown that the considered systems could improve the performance of the system by extending the obser-vation window size of MSDD SISO module and increasing the number of iterative decoding compared to the system with CDD.

Originality. It was proved that the proposed scheme could be used to resolve the problem of performance degradation of differential LDPC coded systems with CDD.

Practical valueTherefore, the proposed scheme may be applied into the wireless communication systems when it is expensive or infeasible to apply the coherent detection.


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