Genetic varieties of limstone of the upper jurassic marmorized limestone of the Crimea

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O.P. Matyushkina, State Higher Educational Institution “National Mining University”, Postgraduate student of the Department of Geology and Mineral Prospecting, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine


Purpose. To identify genetic characteristics of marmorized limestone and regularity of its distribution within the main ridge of Crimean mountains.

Methodology. Theoretical and methodological basis of the study was provided by earlier researches and developments of domestic and foreign scientists in the field of formation of carbonate strata on the basis of faunal determinations. We have done field geological observations and laboratory work on the preparation of special samples and thin sections for petrographic and mineralogical studies.

Findings: The survey showed that all the Upper Jurassic marmorized limestone have clastic texture, and include two ingredients (fragments and cement) formed in sequence. After consideration of the chemical composition of the cement and the debris, two genetic varieties of marmorized limestone of Crimea were identified: marmorized limestone with carbonate cement which is subdivided into granular, brecciated, pisolite-like; marmorized limestone with clay and carbonate cement: breccia and coral.
At the first stage, the accumulation of clastic material in the zones of sedimentation such as slope area of coral reefs, sinkholes, cracks, separation, coastal marine areas, river beds takes place. The second stage of diagenesis is compaction of clastic material and grouting. The composition of the cement indicates a specific location of sediment accumulation in sedimentation basins and provenance of the material.
Genetic varieties of the limestone of the Upper Crimea have been identified. The real characteristics of the mineral composition of the limestone and its petrographic features have been defined. The sequence of stages of the Upper Jurassic marmorized limestones has been analysed.

Originality. The genetic classification of the Upper Jurassic marmorized limestone based on the material composition of the cement and debris has been developed for the first time.

Practical value. The opportunity of partition and correlation of the Upper Jurassic marmorized limestones on the genetic basis has been received.


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