Simulation of safe working conditions when using the device obtaning more information about mining objects

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V.G. Shevchenko, Dr. Sci. (Tech.), Senior Research Fellow, N.S. Polyakov Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Academic Secretary, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.

M.S. Zaytsev, N.S. Polyakov Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Research Fellow of the Department of Mechanics of Elastomeric Structures of Mining Machines, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.


Purpose. Development of the mathematical model of safe working conditions using the device obtaining additional data and to establish regularities of change in performance of the system ‘man – equipment – technology’ to improve work safety in mines.

Methodology. We have used the information theory, the theory of reliability, methods of system and mathematical analysis, and mathematical modeling of accident-free operation of miners.

Findings. We have developed the method and device for the in-process monitoring of mine workings and technical facilities. We have developed an individual device for monitoring of working conditions and receiving video for uranium mines. It provides the rapid control and receiving of video information by the information complex of events prediction using overlay of virtual reality. This allows controlling processes and miners. We have created the algorithm for modeling the system “man – equipment – technology” at mining enterprises. It takes into account the impact of psycho-physical parameters of a miner, and his awareness of the integral level, quality or quantity of the information received by him on safety and performance of the system. It is shown that the system performance decreases logarithmically as the volume of information received by the operative increases. It increases logarithmically with the increase of the parameter characterizing skills, experience and qualifications of the operative. And it increases linearly with the increase of the time resources required for solutions and the information confidence level.

Originality. For the first time we have established the regularities of the system safety and performance change depending on the psychophysical parameters of a miner, qualitative characteristics of information and its amount.

Practical value. We have developed methods and devices for obtaining more information about mining objects: the method of rapid visual control of the mine workings and equipment, individual device for monitoring of working conditions and receiving video, and information complex of events prediction using virtual overlay of reality.



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