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Geology 5
M. M. Roy, O. O. Akulshin, V. V. Solovyov, V. H. Usenko, I. V. Limar The optimal method for assessing gas reserves based on the calculation of gas hydrodynamic parameters 5
M. A. Mizernaya, B. A. Dyachkov, A. P. Pyatkova, A. P. Miroshnikova, Z. I. Chernenko Leading genetic types of base metal deposits of Rudny Altai 11
Mining 17
V. H. Shapoval, O. V. Solodyankin, O. Ye. Hryhoriev, O. I. Dubovyk Determining the parameters of a natural arch while forming support load of a horizontal roadways 17
Solid State Physics, Mineral Processing 26
A. Selegej, V. Ivaschenko, V. Golovko, R. Kiriya, L. Kvasova Coefficient of local loss of mechanical energy of the flow for a ­mixture of charge materials 26
M. V. Chernyavskyy, A. M. Voronov, O. V. Moiseienko, S. H. Duliienko, T. M. Monastyriova Predicting changes in the sulfur content during steam coal preparation and the level of sulfur dioxide emissions when its combustion 32
Geotechnical and Mining Mechanical Engineering, Machine Building 40
F. I. Abramchuk, A. M. Avramenko, A. P. Kuzmenko Investigation on the process of injection of commercial grade and blended fuel in a diesel engine 40
Yu. S. Rud, V. Yu. Bilonozhko New aspects of the methodology for assessing the complexity of the structure of technological systems of the mining and metallurgical complex 47
Refat Mohammed Abdullah Eshaq, Eryi Hu, Ameen A. Alshaba, Aiman A. M. Alsenwi Feasibility study of exploiting gearbox oil temperature of wind turbine for improving a heat pump water heater in cold areas 54
O. M. Dubovoy, A. A. Karpechenko, M. M. Bobrov, O. S. Gerasin, O. O. Lymar Electric arc spraying of cermet coatings of steel 65G-Tic system 63
M. M. Kononenko, O. Ye. Khomenko, I. L. Kovalenko, M. V. Savchenko Control of density and velocity of emulsion explosives detonation for ore breaking 69

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