International achievements in financing the formation of housing: conclusions and recommendations for Ukraine

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L.I. Danchak, Lviv Polytechnic National University, Assistant Lecturer of the Department of Economics and Enterprise Investment of Training and Research Institute of Economics and Management, Lviv, Ukraine


Purpose. Analysis, specification and synthesis of world achievements in financing the formation of housing on the basis of a comprehensive and systematic approach.

Methodology. The paper used general scientific and special methods of investigation: a method of critical analysis, group, detail specification, comparison, synthesis and generalization of scientific experience of financing the formation of housing, systematic and comprehensive approaches.

Findings. Processed international experience financing the formation of housing, with emphasis on its features worldwide, formed conclusions and appropriate recommendations for its use in Ukraine.

Originality. The further development of research on assessment and analysis of world achievements in financing the formation of housing on the basis of a comprehensive and systematic approach has been performed.

Practical value. The theoretical study brought to the level of recommendations to improve the socio-economic efficiency of the national system of mortgage lending and financial mechanism of the formation of housing, which are used in the country, their social commitment in post-crisis period.


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4. University of Oxford [Електронний ресурс] // Режим доступу:

University of Oxford, available at:


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