Quantum-field approach to identification of signs of possible accidents in mines

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I.A. Shaykhlislamova, Cand. Sci. (Tech.), Associate Professor, State Higher Educational Establishment “National Mining University”, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Aerology and Labour Protection, Dnіpropetrovsk, Ukraine

V.I. Muraveynik, Cand. Sci. (Tech.), Associate Professor, National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, Dnіpropetrovsk, Ukraine


Purpose. To provide the theoretical basis for quantum-field approach to revealing the hidden signs of probable accidents which could occur in mines and to develop the practical principles for remote testing of shafts for hidden signs of possible accidents.

Methodology. We have used in this work such methods as: theoretical methods for abstraction, formalization, axiomatics, deduction and induction, experimental methods of comparison, sign simulation, development of practical ways of mines testing and its experimental verification.

Findings. The theoretical basis of quantum-field approach to the identification of hidden evidence of possible accidents in the mines was developed. It is shown that the mine, as the system is influenced by planetary and space factors. Rock massif and mine tunnels emit waves of energy in wide frequency range. It has been established experimentally that the integral emissive capacity of the tunnels of deep mines of the Donets Basin reaches 500–600 W/m2. Rocks and minerals contain some radioactive elements and its decay produces micro-particles, including neutrinos. Rock massif filters the micro-particles and only neutrinos pass through it.
The experiments carried out in the mines of the Donets Basin have proved theoretical assumptions about the possibility of quantum-field approach to remote detection of hidden signs of possible accidents in mines. It allows determining the duration of period of threat. This method is recommended for realization.

Originality. We concede that the neutrino coming out of the mine carries the information about micro-processes which take place in the massif and mines. This information can be perceived distantly, on the field-level, by operator of dowsing (biolocation).

Practical value. On the basis of quantum-field approach the method of detection of signals about possible accident in the mine has been developed. The experimental verification of the proposed method was done in the mines of the Donets Basin using sign simulation. The duration period of threat after the start of signal receiving is 11–12 hours. The formulas and graphs illustrating the essence of the proposed method are presented in the article.


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