Content №5 2021

Geology 5
N. S. Askarova, A. T. Roman, V. S. Portnov, A. N. Kpobayeva Feature space of the Atasu type deposits (Сentral Kazakhstan) 5
A. N. Kopobayeva, V. S. Portnov, S. P. Kim, A. Amangeldykyzy, N. S. Askarova Tectonic factors of impurity elements accumulation at the Shubarkol coal deposit (Kazakhstan) 11
B. B. Amralinova, O. V. Frolova, I. E. Mataibaeva, B. B. Agaliyeva, S. V. Khromykh Mineralization of rare metals in the lakes of East Kazakhstan 16
Mining 22
A. P. Akinola, T. B. Afeni, R. A. Osemenam Surface modelling by geoid determination for flood control of Ewekoro limestone deposit (Nigeria) 22
O. O. Shustov, A. V. Pavlychenko, O. P. Bielov, A. A. Adamchuk, O. O. Borysovska Calculation of the overburden ratio by the method of financial and mathematical averaged costs 30
Solid State Physics, Mineral Processing 37
Zarife Bajraktari-Gashi, Muharrem Zabeli, Erard Morina Determination of adhesion stages of the Fe-Ni ore at the Ferronikeli plant in Drenas 37
Geotechnical and Mining ­Mechanical Engineering, Machine Building 43
Yu. N. Linnik, V. Yu. Linnik, S. A. Prokopenko, A. Zich Formation mechanisms of maximal loads on cutters and cutting heads of coal mining machines 43
O. V. Osadchuk, A. O. Semenov, O. S. Zviahin, O. O. Semenova, A. V. Rudyk Increasing the sensitivity of measurement of a moisture content in crude oil 49
S. Feltane, S. Yahyaoui, A. Hafsaoui, A. Boussaid Signal processing application for vibration generated by blasting in tunnels 54
Khaleel Abushgair Elastic, inelastic and time constant measurement for M102 (AL–C–O) dispersions-reinforced aluminum alloys 61
O. V. Fomin, A. O. Lovska Determination of vertical dynamics for a standard Ukrainian boxcar with Y25 bogies 67
Electrical Complexes and Systems 73
D. V. Tugay, S. I. Korneliuk, O. O. Shkurpela, V. S. Akimov Simulation of industrial solar photovoltaic station with transformerless converter system 73
M. S. Seheda, Ye. V. Cheremnykh, P. F. Gogolyuk, Yu. V. Blyznak Mathematical modeling of wave processes in two-winding transformers taking into account the main magnetic flux 80
Power Supply Technologies 87
I. A. Volchyn, L. S. Haponych, W. Ja. Przybylski Current state and forecast of sulfur dioxide and dust emissions at thermal power plants of Ukraine 87
Environmental Safety, Labour Protection 94
V. Volkov, N. Vnukova, I. Taran, O. Pozdnyakova, T. Volkova Influence of diesel vehicles on the biosphere 94
D. V. Rudakov, O. V. Inkin Validation of the operation efficiency criteria for geothermal probes in flooded mine workings 100
O. Meneylyuk, A. Nikiforov, I. Menejljuk, V. Russyi Choosing injectable solution for auger technology of underground space protection against pollution 106
R. V. Petruk, O. V. Lunova, V. S. Garkushevskiy Improvement of methodology of justification of safe routes for transportation of dangerous substances and cargo 112
A. Dankevych, O. Sosnovska, N. Dobrianska, L. Nikolenko, Yu. Mazur, K. Ingram Ecological and economic management of innovation activity of enterprises 118
Information Technologies, Systems Analysis and Administration 125
I. Z. Manuliak, S. I. Melnychuk, Yu. Yo. Striletskyi, V. M. Harasymiv Gas flow measuring system using signal processing on the basis of entropy estimations 125
Cao Xuan Cuong, Le Van Canh, Pham Van Chung, Le Duc Tinh, Pham Trung Dung, Ngo Sy Cuong Quality assessment of 3D point cloud of industrial buildings from imagery acquired by oblique and nadir UAV flights 131
Economy and Management 140
L. M. Buiak, N. Harmatii, I. Fedyshyn Research on investment process dynamics taking into consideration stochasticity of world and national economies’ crisis phenomena 140
A. Tkachenko, N. Levchenko, G. Shyshkanova, V. Shvets, M. Ivanova Evaluation of the efficiency of social investments of metallurgical enterprises according to the decoupling approach 147
M. R. Islam, S. Suraiya, N. M. Zayed, K. B. M. R. Hasan, M. S. Bipasha, V. Nitsenko Assessing the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the government revenues: a study on individual taxpayers of Bangladesh 154
O. Novak, A. Lytvyn, S. Laun, Yu. Velykdan Institutional management in internationalization of Ukrainian higher education 160
S. Rudenko, I. Liashenko, L. Komakha, Y. Hrebonozhko Bioeconomy education: implementation of the EU bioeconomy strategy in Ukrainian higher education 165
Yu. V. Honcharov, I. Yu. Shtuler, O. A. Ovechkina, M. V. Shtan Digitization as a means of implementing changes in the transitive model of power-property-labor relations in Ukraine 170
L. Savchuk, L. Bandorina, K. Udachyna, V. Savchuk, R. Savchuk Formation of strategy for manufacturing system of the mining and metallurgical enterprise on the triad-based principle 176
R. Pustoviit, O. Kuklin, N. Azmuk, I. Yakushyk, V. Gunko Institutional genesis of kleptocratic economy and its formation in Ukraine 180

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