Influence of stabilizing water treatment on weak acid cation exchange resin in acidic form on quality of mine water nanofiltration desalination

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M.D. Gomelya, Dr. Sci. (Tech.), Professor, National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, Head of the Department of Ecology and Technology of Plant Polymers, Kyiv, Ukraine

I.M. Trus, National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, postgraduate student, Kyiv, Ukraine

I.V. Radovenchyk, National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, Assistant Lecturer of the Department of Ecology and Technology of Plant Polymers, Kyiv, Ukraine

A.A. Kovalenko, State Higher Educational Institution “National Mining University”, Postgraduate Student of Ecology Department, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine


Purpose. Evaluation of nanofiltration process effectiveness when desalinating aqueous solutions, depending on their ionic composition and pH, considering prospects for stabilizing water treatment with weak acid cation exchange resin in acidic form and processing of concentrates with reagent method to create low-waste slightly mineralized water conditioning technologies.

Methodology. The nanofiltration process was carried out in 1.0dm3 volume cell where previously nanofiltration membrane OPMN-P (working area – 113.04cm2) had been placed. The degree of permeate selection was 70%, operating pressure was changed within 0.20–0.40MPa. Content of sulphates, chlorides, calcium, magnesium, hardness, alkalinity and pH were measured in permeate.

Findings. The removal of sulphate ions and hardness ions on the OPMN-P membrane was studied. The pH influence on slightly mineralized water purification processes was shown. The pressure influence on productivity and selectivity of the membrane to sulphates and hardness ions were defined.

Originality. The dependences of membrane productivityandselectivity to chlorides, sulphates, bicarbonates and hardness ions to the working pressure, pH and ionic composition of a solution were discovered. Was found that the efficiency of hardness ions and sulphates removal raise with the pH increase from 4 to 9, and the selectivity of membrane to hardness ions raise with sulphates content increase.

Practical value. Determination of the conditions of effective water treatment from sulphate and hardness ions by nanofiltration will solve the problem of effective treatment of mine water, which containis mainly sulfates and hardness ions. In this case effective stabilizing treatment will significantly increase the amount of treated water while reducing the volume of liquid waste as its disposal is a difficult problem.


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