Electromagnetic processes in the electric model of cenrtifugal pump

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M.I. Sotnyk, Cand. Sci. (Tech.), Associate Professor, Sumy State University, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Applied Hydroaeromechanics, Sumy, Ukraine

V.S. Boiko, Dr. Sci. (Tech.), Professor, National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, Professor of  Department of Theoretical Electrical Engineering, Kyiv, Ukraine


Purpose. To analyze the electromagnetic processes in the electric model of centrifugal pump with double voluteoutletto prove the adequacy of modeling and subsequent use in developing recommendations to improve the operation efficiency of hydraulic systems or their objects.

Methodology. The study used operational method of solution of differential equations system, equated by the method of node voltages.

Findings. Considering the features of the converter scheme under consideration and the complex algorithm of switching current by valves, the analysis was conducted for two time intervals: switching and out switching. We obtained analytical equations for calculating the basic parameters of the process: rectified current, rectified voltage, current of switching, currents of output branches of the model halves. Current of switching and currents of the model halves output branches that are calculated by using the test mode were depicted graphically. The circuit simulation results of the same test mode also were represented graphically. Comparative analysis of these curves shows their coincidence both by the form and the numerical value. This confirms the adequacy of the model and simulation results.

Originality. The article is the part of a complex study aimed at laying the foundations of a new research area associated with the use of electrical modeling methods of analysis of hydraulic system processes. The study was conducted relatively to one of the semiconductor converters of electrical energy developed by the authors. They can be used as electric models of electric centrifugal pumps. The converter is asymmetric because of the different parameters of the output branches of model and it models the pump with an odd number of blades of the impeller. These studies were conducted for the first time and the results received show that the rectified current in the tested model has 14 electric pulsations for period and a much smaller depth of pulsation than its components. The angle of current switching in the model halves by valves is different: bigger in the model half with bigger current and smaller in the models with smaller current.

Practical value. Methods of electrical simulation allow analyzing work processes in hydraulic systems not only in permanent modes, but also in transition modes. Moreover, the electrical analysis is faster and the results are more informative.


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Boiko, V.S., Boiko, V.V. and Sotnyk, M.I. (2012), Method of creation of electrical model of centrifugal pump: patent UA No. 67781, MPK G06G 7/00., u 2011 08267. Patent was declared 01.07.2011. Patent was issued 12.03.2012, bulletin No.5.

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