Scientific organizations in the conditions of formation of innovative economy

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Arzu Dogru khizi Guseynova, Cand. Sci. (Econ.), Associate Professor, 1st Deputy of General Director of the Center of Scientific Innovations of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan.


There is no such possibility to determine “innovative activity” of a scientific organization by statistical data. Today we do not have any systematical information about strategy and prospects of development of scientific organizations as subjects of research and innovative activity. In such conditions the relevance of sociological re-searches increases.

Purpose. To analyze the influence of different groups of factors on scientific organizations on the base of the results of sociological monitoring with application of sta-tistical data. To receive the systematized information about problems and processes characterizing research and innovative, economic and social aspects of scientific organizations‟ activity.

Methodology. The legislative materials of Azerbaijan, foreign countries and international organizations (UN EU, OECD, APEC, Statistics Committee CIS, etc.) have been used. We have developed the system of indicators allowing us to estimate various aspects of activity of the scientific organizations of Azerbaijan. It served as methodological basis for achieving the objectives of the research. The system of indicators has been used as a methodical tool in the form of the formalized questionnaire.

Findings. The main results of research are aimed at the development of methods and mechanisms of the innovative activity management at research organizations through the purposeful formation and effective use of their innovative potential.

Originality. We have developed the technique of the assessment of the efficiency of research organization innovative potential utilization. It allows us to define the set of measures for increase of enterprise's innovative activity.

Practical value. We have developed the concrete methods and mechanisms allowing us to increase efficiency of production economic activity of a research or-ganization. 




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