Development of management and organizational measures to reduce the prime cost of crushing plant product

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A.A. Garenko, State Higher Educational Institution “National Mining University”, postgraduate student of the Economic Cybernetic and Information Technologies Department, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine


Purpose. To identify the structures of the enterprise where the activities aiming motivation increase and performance improvement should be conducted in the first place, taking into account the laws of formation of crushing plant product prime cost for different environments and businesses and the polyzonal electricity tariff.

Methodology. On the base of the results of the prime cost formation process study and consideration of the company structure at the production and crushing plant, we have determined the ways of labour stimulation aiming product prime cost reduction taking into account existing incentive system and work environment of the enterprise by various criteria and conditions of polyzonal electricity tariff.

Findings. We have drawn the set of organizational and economic measures required for creation of the enterprise environment allowing us to reduce crushing factory production costs in conditions of polyzonal electricity tariffs.

Originality. The author has developed a range of new organizational and economic cost reducing measures for crushing plant taking into account the prime cost formation process peculiarities and polyzonal electricity tariffs.

Practical value. The economic and organizational measures have been developed to ensure the implementation of each of the operation modes of the enterprise in terms of polyzonal electricity tariffs.



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