About the tense-deformed state of system “frame - shell maid of the rocks reinforsed by anchors”

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A.O. Novikov, Dr. Sci. (Tech.), Professor, State Higher Educational Institution «Donetsk National Technical University», of theDepartment of Mineral Deposits Development,Donetsk, Ukraine

I.N. Shestopalov, State Higher Educational Institution «Donetsk National Technical University», Assistant Lecturer of the Department of Mineral Deposits Development, Donetsk, Ukraine


Purpose. To determine the parameters of frame-anchor lining for assuring the support of the development workings in deep mines.

Methodology. Theoretical method of research of the stressed state of the system “frame – surrounding rock reinforced by anchors” used for the study takes into account experimental data received in earlier work.

Findings. The physical-mathematical model of the stressed state of the rock massif containing mine tunnels with frame-anchor lining has been developed. The normal values of shift and maximal component of stress tensor, affecting the rock shell supported by anchors and the value of the external loading, influencing on the rame lining have been determined.

Originality. For the first time the problem of the stressed state of the system “frame – surrounding rock reinforced by anchors” has been solved by means of the variation method. The following parameters have been taken into account during solving the problem: information about the number of layers, their physical and mathematical properties, and geometry of the mine tunnel. The developed mathematical model allows us to do differentiated calculation of rational parameters of each element of combined lining, assuring continuous stability of the mine working.

Practical value. On the base of statistical treatment of results of theoretical calculations and information received in laboratory and mine researches the “Method of calculation of parameters of the anchor rock-reinforcing system has been developed to providing of stability of mine workings”. The certificate of support developed on the basis of the “Method…” allow us to reduce expenses on fastening and supporting of working in 2–3 times as compared with existent methods.


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