Increase of estimation efficiency of geomechanical condition of rock massive in uranium mines

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V.I. Lyashenko, Cand. Sci. (Tech.), Senior Research Fellow, State Enterpise “Ukrainan R & D Institute for Industrial Technology”, Head of Department, Zheltye Vody, Ukraine

Ye.P. Chistyakov, Cand. Sci. (Tech.), State Enterpise “R & D Mining Institute”, Head of Laboratory, Krivoy Rog, Ukraine

S.A. Kulish, State Enterpise “R & D Mining Institute”, Senior Research Fellow of Laboratory, Krivoy Rog, Ukraine


Experience received during work in mines and studies of dynamic behavior of rock pressure shows that the problem of resistance to various forms of rock pressure can be successfully solved under the condition of implementation of recommendations on improvement of efficiency and reliability of rock massif geomechanical state estimation, rock bursts prognosis and prevention at the stages of planning and development of deposits. Therefore, improvement of rock massif geomechanical state and its stability degree estimation efficiency in uranium mines is important and required. Applied method of the research included geomechanical monitoring results analysis, experimental investigations held mines and laboratories, mathematical and physical modeling, and theoretical analysis and generalization of the results.

On the basis of data collected in research carried out since 1970 to 2011 and taking into account advanced heading-and-stall methods following results were achieved. Charts of dependency of elastic impact sounds frequency on stress rates taking into account strength margin expressed by ratio of the critical (breaking) load affecting structural element to working stress were designed. It was suggested an empirical dependence of stress value on the frequency of elastic impact sounds – the number of pulses per minute.

It was suggested the classification of rock massif stressed state depending on the orientation of maximum stress in relation to mine working and composition of rules and the frequency of observation of the stressed-deformed state of rock massif.

The “Regulation of the operational monitoring and prediction of stress-strain state of rocks and ore in the mines “Ingulskaya” and “Smolinskaya” of GP “VostGOK” was created. The Regulation concerns methods of operative control and the prognosis of stress-strain state of rocks in mines of GP “VostGOK” up to 1000 m depth for development of uranium deposits by heading-and-stall methods. Criteria of estimation of intensity and mechanisms of mountain pressure behavior depending on the level of stressed state of rocks and their deformation characteristic.


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