Analysis and realization of RFID grouping-proof protocol based on elliptic-curves cryptography

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Hongyan Kang, Heze University, Heze, Shandong, China


Purpose. With the wide application of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) systems, scholars have become highly concerned about the design of efficient and secure grouping-proof protocols. Responding to the problems of privacy protection, security and efficiency of existing grouping-proof protocols, a new ECC (Elliptic Curves Cryptography) based RFID grouping-proof protocol is proposed after the analysis of existing grouping proof protocols.

Methodology. Some ECC-based grouping-proof protocols cannot resist impersonation attack and other common attacks, since there is no reader and verifier authentication or the reader and the verifier can be untrusted, one can also query the tags actively to collect the attack tuple and trick genuine reader and verifier. So we propose a scheme can realize the authorized access and mutual authentication of tags, readers, and verifier.

Findings. This paper attempts to expound on the initialization phase, the authorization phase, the group proof generation phase, and the group proof verification phase of the new grouping-proof protocol, and also make analyses in terms of privacy preservation, untraceability, reader anonymity, tag anonymity, authorization and authentication, etc.

Originality. In comparison to currently available ECC-based grouping-proof protocols, this protocol can realize the authorized access and mutual authentication of tags, readers, and backend servers.

Practical value. Analysis results show that this new project meets the security and privacy requirements of RFID system grouping-proof protocols, demonstrating better scalability and higher efficiency than similar protocols.


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