Dynamics of vibrating machines starting with unbalanced drive in case of bearing body flat vibrations

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M.P. Yaroshevich, Dr. Sci. (Tech.), Professor, Lutsk National Technical University, Head of the Department of Timber Industry Equipment and Theory of Machine Parts and Mechanisms, Theory of Machine Parts and Mechanisms, Lutsk, Ukraine.

I.P. Zabrodets, Lutsk National Technical University, postgraduate student, Lutsk, Ukraine.

T.S. Yaroshevich, Cand. Sci. (Tech.), Associate Professor, Lutsk National Technical University, of the Department of Timber Industry Equipment and Theory of Machine Parts and Mechanisms, Theory of Machine Parts and Mechanisms, Lutsk, Ukraine.


Purpose. Improvement of dynamic and power descriptions of the vibration machines with inertia vibration exciters.

Methodology. The vibration mechanics approaches and motions direct division method were used for analytical researches. The vibromachines running processes were designed using the numeral integration of mechanical vibration system motion equalizations and the electromagnetic transients equalizations in asynchronous electric motors in the Maple software environment.

Findings. Expressions for vibration moments (additional dynamic loading caused by the bearing body’s vibrations) during the resonant zone passage by vibration machines with the bearing body flat vibrations both with one arbitrarily located vibration exciter and with two self-synchronization vibration exciters for the different starting modes have been received in an analytical form. The running process improvement possibilities of vibration machines with unbalanced vibration exciters were demonstrated by using the “double” (in case of one vibration exciter) and “separate” (in case of two vibration exciters) electric motors starting methods. The first method bases on using semi-slow vibrations arising in the resonant zone, and that in the engine-off case in this zone, the vibratory torque acting on its rotor becomes rotating. The conditions when the separate starting is effective were shown. The conclusions and practical recommendations that allow facilitating vibration machines with an unbalanced drive starting were drawn.

Originality. Theoretical positions of vibration machines with unbalanced vibration exciters running dynamics that are operated by the asynchronous electric motors with limited power received further development.

Practical value. The results of the research allow us to decrease the working body resonant vibrations of vibration machines, dynamic loading on the electric motor rotor and machine construction elements, electric drive necessary power, and currents inrush.


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