Algorithm of control and system of management of power indicators of fuel at thermal power plants

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V.V. Ovsyanikov, State Higher Educational Institution “National Mining University”, Assistant Lecturer of the Department of Power Supply Systems, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine


Purpose. To create simulation model and develop the system of the automatic mixing of optimum mixture of coal, liquid oil products and gas. The result of the research is the possibility to receive optimum masses of each component of a mixture at the minimum cost, and also an optimum specific temperature of combustion for providing the necessary temperature conditions in fire chamber of thermal power plants.

Methodology. The methods are grounded on measuring of one of the electromagnetic parameters of fuel. For example complex dielectric constant or electromagnetic wave complex attenuation (reflecting) constant in examined substance, or standing wave ratio on voltage in the microwave range. Thus for preliminary treatment and identification of quality of fuel correlative link between quality parameters of fuel on the one hand and the electromagnetic performance of dielectrics mentioned above (coals and liquid oil products) with on the other hand was used. The most rational methods of identification and estimation of quality of fuel is the estimation of its interaction with electromagnetic energy of a microwave range which has been used for development of the algorithm of identification and control of indexes of quality of the coal transported by the conveyor band. It is offered to apply the mathematical method of linear programming to optimize the quality of the fuel mixture. The methods of semi-automatic and automatic identification and quality control of fuel were considered and the comparative estimation of their advantages and disadvantages was done.

Findings. The offered monitoring system of quality of fuel has passed trials in real shop conditions with positive results. The control system of optimization of amount of the contents of different ranks of coal, liquid oil products and gas in mixture was tested in laboratory in real-time mode.

Originality. For fuel quality control new methods of identification with use of interaction of substance with electromagnetic waves in the microwave range and algorithm of detection of one gauged frequency characteristic of attenuation from a databank of in advance received dependences were offered. The mathematical sample model for management of the parameters of fuel mixture constructed by means of the mathematical method of optimization was offered.
Practical value. Nowadays thermal power plants spend more than a half of the total amount of coal mined in our country. To cut costs it is important to control and manage the optimization of fuel quality taking into account its cost to solve problems in the national economy.


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