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Mining 5
B. Yu. Sobko, O. V. Lozhnikov, M. O. Chebanov, V. P. Kriachek Establishing the influence of the quarry depth on the indicators of cyclic flow technology during the development of non-ore deposits 5
M. T. Biletskiy, B. T. Ratov, V. L. Khomenko, A. R. Borash, S. K. Muratova The choice of optimal methods for the development of water wells in the conditions of the Tonirekshin field (Kazakhstan) 13
F. Bahloul, A. Hafsaoui, A. Idres, F. Boutarfa, A. I. Kanli, A. Benselhoub Influence of the rock mass structure and the blasting technique on blast results in the Heliopolis quarry 20
B. T. Ratov, A. K. Sudakov, B. V. Fedorov, I. A. Ruslyakova-Kupriyanova, P. S. Sundetova Improvement of the methodology for calculating the expected drilling speed with PDC chisels 26
Solid State Physics, Mineral Processing 32
L. I. Solonenko, K. I. Uzlov, T. V. Kimstach, Ya. V. Mianovska, D. Yu. Yakymenko Influence of ice structure on vitability of frozen sand-water and sand-clay mixtures 32
M. V. Chernyavskyy, O. Yu. Provalov, Ye. S. Miroshnychenko, O. V. Kosyachkov Scientific bases and peculiarities of conversion of CHPP anthracite boilers to sub-bituminous coal combustion 41
Geotechnical and Mining Mechanical Engineering, Machine Building 50
B. Eller, S. Szalai, M. Sysyn, D. Harrach, J. Liu, S. Fischer Advantages of using CONCRETE CANVAS materials in railway track construction 50
E. Huschek-Juhász, A. Németh, M. Sysyn, G. Baranyai, J. Liu, S. Fischer Testing the fragmentation of railway ballast material by laboratory methods using Proctor compactor 58
V. O. Tuz, N. L. Lebed, N. S. Kulesh Heat exchange under the longitudinal movement of wet steam in finning heat exchangers 69

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