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Geology 5
K. A. Bezruchko, V. F. Prykchodchenko, O. V. Prykchodchenko, M. O. Hladka Predicting zones of increased water inflows in local folded structures 5
B. R. Rakishev Mining and geological models of virtual complex ore blocks of the bench 11
A. E. Abetov, A. N. Uzbekov Tectonics and gravity field structure of Central Kazakhstan 18
Mining 26
M. C. Mezam, M. A. Bachar Assed, M. Ould Hamou, S. Narsis, A. Benselhoub A new mining method for reopening the opencast mine of Kef Essennoun 26
Solid State Physics, Mineral Processing 33
M. Hlukhoveria, I. Mladetskyi, K. Levchenko, O. Borysovska Improving the technology of extracting coal concentrate from fly ash from thermal power plants 33
S. A. Us, O. K. Ishchenko, D. V. Koba, K. S. Ishchenko Selection and justification of drilling and blasting parameters using genetic algorithms 40
V. V. Sobolev, N. V. Holub, O. A. Tereshkova Magnetic stimulation of chemical reactions in coal 48
A. V. Uhl, O. V. Melnyk, Yu. A. Melnyk Application of the stereomicrophotogrammetric method for the complex study of the Al-Cu-Mg alloys system 56
Geotechnical and Mining Mechanical Engineering, Machine Building 62
O. Panchenko Substantiating a method for computer analysis of the stress-strain state of the tubbing erector manipulator mechanism 62

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