Design-experimental estimation of induction motors equivalent circuit parameters and characteristics

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V.F. Sivokobylenko, Dr. Sci. (Tech.), Professor, State Higher Educational Institution “Donetsk National Technical University”, Head of the Department of Power Stations, Donetsk, Ukraine

S.V. Vasylets, Cand. Sci. (Tech.), State Higher Educational Institution “Donetsk National Technical University”, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Mining Electrotechnology and Automation Named After R.M. Leibov, Donetsk, Ukraine


Purpose. The elaboration of the method for determining the parameters of the induction motorequivalent circuit, considering iron loss and skin-effect, using data of starting and normal operating modes, and substantiation of the calculating algorithm of steady-state and transient operation modes of the drive involving the parameters obtained.

Methodology includes determining the stator circuit parameters, calculation of motor input resistance and inductive reactance based on data from two experiments with different load factors of the mechanism. The difference between the conductions of rotor circuits for the two load tests have been determined, the relationship of which allows us to get quadratic equationand, based on its solution, to define the time constant and rotor parameters for operating slip zone. Then the parameters of the iron loss circuit, mutual inductance and parameters of equivalent double-circuit rotor have been calculated. Static motor characteristics can be obtained by direct using of equivalent circuit. For the purpose of motor dynamic characteristics calculating the differential equations in stationary reference frame have been used.

Findings. We have developed the method for the experimental determination of parameters T-shaped equivalent circuit of an induction electric drive, which is characterized by simplicity of implementation, as it does not require specialized equipment and carrying out idling test, and uses only data received under normal operating conditions of the drive under load and in starting mode. Based on two load tests under different slip the parameters of saturation branch, no-load current, rated slip, and rotor parameters in rated slip range. The method allows to take into account the influence of rotor skin-effect on rotor parameters by it presentation as two parallel cages, parameters of which are determined based on input impedances in load test and starting duty when slip equals one.

Originality. We have proved that based on the parameters measured in starting and loading modes is possible to determine losses, no-load current and rated slip of an induction motor, as well as parameters of rotor circuits which consider skin-effect, that allows to define catalogue data more accurately.

Practical value. The method allows reduction of costs spent for determining the parameters of induction motor equivalent circuit due to reduction in the number of experiments required.


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