Diminishing of ecological risk via optimization of fire-extinguishing system projects in timber-yards

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M.I. Vasiliev, Lviv State University of Safety of Vital Functions, postgraduate student, Lviv, Ukrainе

I.O.Movchan, Cand. Sci. (Tech.), Lviv State University of Safety of Vital Functions, Vice-Rector, Lviv, Ukrainе

O.M. Koval, Cand. Sci. (Tech.), National University of Civil Defense of Ukraine, Kharkov, Ukraine


Purpose. To develop the method of estimation of dependence of ecological risk from fire in mine timber-yards and its reduction via introduction of optimum projects of fire-extinguishing systems.

Methodology. To solve the problem the foundations of the reliability theory were used. We determined the ecological risk based on Weilbull distribution which can pass into an exponential distribution or in a normal one depending on the value of parameter of distribution density form. In the value of ecological risk we included the fire risk, probability of presence of people at workplaces, probability of successful evacuation of people in case of fire, probabilities of faultless work of operative communication and automatic distinguishing networks. For determination of contamination of the environment with the combustion products we used functions including specific values of possible emissions of toxic products (stoichiometric coefficients).

Findings. Reduction of the ecological risk has been achieved due to introduction of optimum projects of the distinguishing system in open mine timber-yards. The results allow us to audit the open mine timber-yards in the context of ecological safety and control it. The findings can be used for quantitative evaluation of toxic products entered the environment during the fire in timber-yards.

Originality. For the first time we have determined the dependence of the ecological risk and on the fire risk. We have developed the method of determination of ecological contamination of the environment by fires on the open timber-yards taking into account the weather factors and environment for distribution of toxic products.

Practical value. We recommend the results for introduction in practice of exploitation of the open mine timber-yards; administration and maintenance activity in mines to provide ecological safety; in practice of research and design-and-engineering institutes for design of the open timber-yards; and into the educational process of higher technical educational establishments teaching ecological disciplines.


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